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Welcome to the British Columbia Railway Squamish subdivision web site. The layout was previously called the Cariboo Western Railway and freelanced based on the BCR in 1976.I am now modelling the BCR Squamish Subdivision in 1982 which runs from North Vancouver to Lillooet British Columbia. We interchange with Canadian National at Lynn Creek yard in North Vancouver. The north end of the railway is not modelled but would be beyond Lillooet. The railway is designed for operations and operating sessions are held regularly.

Possible Changes

There is a strong possibility that we could be moving. This would mean removing the layout. This has led me to consider what could be done differently.
  • I would model the same era and prototype. Instead of a North Vancouver staging yard we could model some of CN north van. I would also like to change north staging into Lillooet. Given the likelihood of less space this is unlikely.
  • Use 3/4 inch plywood for roadbed instead of spline and spacer block. I need to make more use of my Christmas present of a few years ago(saber saw)
  • Roe Creek

    Progress has been made on the Roe Creek project in the Upper Cheakamus. more than 300 more trees were planted. Attention was paid to the underbrush and it adds to the scene. I will soon have to face doing water which could ruin the whole thing.
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