The Squamish Subdivision of the British Columbia Railway was on the north shore of Burrard inlet in the south west corner of the province. The southern terminus of the railway and the Squamish Sub. was at North Vancouver. In 1982 a3 track interchange yard with CN marked the south end of the yard and a rail car ferry slip provided connects to Seattle Washington and Vancouver Island. There was an 11 track yard and there were 13 tracks in the service yard along with the diesel and steam shops. Beside the yard was the large Vancouver Wharves facility.Within the yard were Fibreco, Lafarge, Northgate, the TOFC ramps, and the freight house.
The mainline crossed the the Capilano river on a through truss bridge, headed west for a short distance and then north. This is a very scenic part of the sub and was home to the Royal Hudson steam train. The railway has sidings at Brunswick and Porteau before arriving at Squamish.

For 44 years Squamish was the southern terminus of the railway. A rail car ferry slip provided service to Vancouver.

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