07/14/2016 - 12:45

An update: We have found a source of coniferous trees that look good and are cheap. They are made in the Philippines.

The most unanticipated issue in finishing this railway is trees. There are 4 criteria for trees.
1---They need to resemble the correct species. close is good enough for me here. I am currently working on the Checkamus to Mons area and this is the Transition zone with several species.
2--- They must be cheap. When my son was in grade 6 I got him to calculate how many trees I will need. he came up with 16,000. I think 10,000 is closer but 10,000 x $10 is $100,000.00 which is a bit too much
3---They must look good. I do not want ugly trees because they are quick or easy.
4---Speed, I need a way to satisfy 1 to 3 without it taking too long per tree.
I have found a quick way to make sub-alpine fir(predominant), spruce, cottonwood, and pine although i do not need pine yet. Cedar is in the transition zone as well but my way of making them is slow.
Another factor is for artistic appeal I vary color and texture but this is possible by mixing species and the use of underbrush and ground cover.
bulk tree orders would be nice but the selection in HO is slim and the price for 4 to 6 inch is not cheap.
So on I go trying to make a few trees a day so I will have a few hundred at scenery time. We currently have 1848 trees on the Squamish sub.