11/29/2018 - 01:37
There have been a few threads on reducing the size and scope of a layout. I respect people's choices and how they want to do the hobby and if that works for them then so be it. For me however I do not understand the less is more thought. I have made lifestyle choices and worked diligently to achieve what I have. I have not achieved all that I had hoped but the railway is fulfilling. I realize that it will not be "finished" but we operate it and it works which is a main focus. I think if I had to downsize I would not build another layout. As the photo depicts if less is more then isn't an empty closet the ultimate railway?


08/14/2018 - 11:08
I have not done much rambling lately. I have been reconsidering the layout and it's future as outlined here:


08/19/2016 - 15:15

A year end update. I have determined that we could modify Lillooet to be prototypical with all the things described below without lowering the track. We would build a 10 inch high platform for the end of the isle. This would make the effective track level 60 inches and not disrupt Squamish much. I am thinking about this as well.

Currently Lillooet on the Layout is just a staging yard representing things north. I am considering a plan to model Lillooet. It would be over Squamish and 16 inches wide. The clearance from Squamish track level to the bottom of the fascia would be 13 inches which it is now. Thin bench work would allow us to lower the track elevation by 4 inches with the grade taken up going south. with an 8 inch platform the effective track height would be 58 inches. Switching would occur at the north end and at the far south end of the isle which would hopefully not bother Squamish work too much. This would add another yardmaster job that is easier. Duties would be to flip cars, turn trains and switch local industry, which would consist of team track, Esso, shops, ramp, log sort and a large sawmill.
There would be a possible space problem with Squamish. This would take planning and be a lengthy job disrupting ops for a while. I am thinking about it.


07/14/2016 - 12:45

An update: We have found a source of coniferous trees that look good and are cheap. They are made in the Philippines.

The most unanticipated issue in finishing this railway is trees. There are 4 criteria for trees.
1---They need to resemble the correct species. close is good enough for me here. I am currently working on the Checkamus to Mons area and this is the Transition zone with several species.
2--- They must be cheap. When my son was in grade 6 I got him to calculate how many trees I will need. he came up with 16,000. I think 10,000 is closer but 10,000 x $10 is $100,000.00 which is a bit too much
3---They must look good. I do not want ugly trees because they are quick or easy.
4---Speed, I need a way to satisfy 1 to 3 without it taking too long per tree.
I have found a quick way to make sub-alpine fir(predominant), spruce, cottonwood, and pine although i do not need pine yet. Cedar is in the transition zone as well but my way of making them is slow.
Another factor is for artistic appeal I vary color and texture but this is possible by mixing species and the use of underbrush and ground cover.
bulk tree orders would be nice but the selection in HO is slim and the price for 4 to 6 inch is not cheap.
So on I go trying to make a few trees a day so I will have a few hundred at scenery time. We currently have 1848 trees on the Squamish sub.

Entry Isle

07/05/2016 - 11:45

I have decided to try a page for me to update information and comment on what I am up to.
I have started on revising the area right at the layout entry. With the changes to Squamish there was empty bench work south of Squamish Terminals. I am removing the bench work to widen the isle by a foot. This will allow for a bit of Howe Sound and the Mamquam slough.


07/04/2016 - 12:00

I have finished the track work at Pemberton. This is the last change in my initial transition plan.

Squamish Trackwork

03/14/2016 - 12:00

The trackwork changes to Squamish are complete. See the progress and Squamish pages.